Associative Network Discovery System (ANDSystem) is a tool, developed for the reconstruction of molecular genetic networks. ANDSystem is based on an automated text- and data- mining techniques. It provides detailed description of the various types of interactions between genes, proteins, microRNAs, metabolites, cellular components, pathways and diseases, taking into account the specificity of cell lines and organisms.


Windows version: ANDSystem (Win32)

Linux versions: ANDSystem.i386 (gtk2,qt)  ANDSystem.x86-64 (gtk2,qt)

ANDSystem tutorial: Download


P.S. Demenkov, T.V. Ivanisenko, N.A. Kolchanov, V.A. Ivanisenko ANDVisio: a new tool for graphic visualization and analysis of literature mined associative gene networks in the ANDSystem (2012). In Silico Biology, 11(3), 149-161.